7 Fun Travel Things

Is it time for a vacation yet?  I am sure we all get excited at the thought of experiencing something new!  Or at least I do, I would be down to eat strange foods, stay in a foreign place, and climb coconut trees!  

Here are 7 fun travel things worth talking about.

Fun Airbnbs

Crazy Airbnb Rentals

Are your eyes in love yet?  Airbnb provides homes and adventures for all!   

Do or Don’t, Travel Pillows

Pillows for airplanes

This is still debatable… But I think I am a fan!

Hilarious Airport Moments

Airport moments you don’t expect to see

What a sight to see!  


How to Climb a Coconut Tree

Lessons of climbing a coconut tree

Climbing a coconut tree was on my bucket list, how about yours?


Hostel Stories

Stories you have never read before

Now this is something I have not tried yet.  How many hostel stories can you tell?


Road Trips

The worst and funniest of them all

My personal favorite!  I love road trips as long as I am not the driver.  

Fruits From Around the World

Exotic fruits here

Did you know fruits were this exciting?


Have you experienced anything fun, weird, or completely off the wall?  If so, please share your fun travel stories with us!