It Was My First Time Being an Airbnb Host and Here’s What Happened

My first Airbnb hosting experience, ever.  I never stayed as a guest at an Airbnb home or let strangers pay to stay inside my home prior to becoming a host.

One day, my best friend Chris suggested I become an Airbnb host and list my home.  During this time, Airbnb’s popularity was growing and a few of my friends were successfully hosting their homes.  They said it was an easy way to make money while they were away from their home on vacation.  

Yep, they convinced me to become an Airbnb host.  Of course, it didn’t take a lot of convincing because I’m always open to new ideas. 

My Home

My listing consisted of an entire three-story home, my bedroom, my sons’ bedroom, and a spare room.  Plus, a full kitchen, mid-size living room, playroom, basement, deck, and porch.  

First, I went on a housecleaning mission to prepared for upcoming booking.  I felt like Eddie Murphy in Big Momma’s House when Big Momma cleaned the entire house, made breakfast, and took care of the kids, at the same time.  I cleaned, scrubbed, and dusted for hours.  After all, my home needed to sparkle!

Everything seemed perfect, I created towel animals for each room, laid out extra toilet paper in the bathroom, and displayed the Wi-Fi information in a frame

It was showcase time.  I took pictures of each room, posted the pictures, and went live as an Airbnb host.


The Waiting Game 

Next, I waited on a reservation to happen.  After two days, I thought maybe I did something wrong because my house was not booked yet.  How long did this process take?  What should have I done differently?  These are the questions I asked myself as a new Airbnb host.  Then, it occurred to me, my house was brand new, and no one likes being the Ginny pig, especially when traveling.  When least expected, I received a text message and app notification, telling me about a guest reservation.  At this moment, I felt excited, but skeptical.

Other Plans

Since I listed my entire home as being available for guests, I could not leisurely come home and spend the night in my bed.  Luckily, my son and I had a vacation planned in Portland during my guests’ stay.

My First Reaction

A million thoughts went through my mind when the date became closer.  I wondered, who are these people, how will they leave my house at checkout, will my house end up trashed?  What if they throw a party, wear my clothes like Maid in Manhattan, and maybe sneak out with a pillow or two of mine?  I needed every pillow because one pillow just isn’t enough.  At least five pillows better be on my bed when I come back, I thought.

The Guest Arrival

A van rolled up with two ladies and a man, they were from New Jersey and came to see a baseball game.  After we met, I shared a short story of the neighborhood, home, and mentioned some of my favorite attractions like the Grandview of the city. 

Finally, I passed off my key to one of the ladies and left for vacation. 


After the guests checked out, I came back home, and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Everything looked as I left it, the lockbox held the house key, the beds and beddings were still there, and the place remained spotless.  I thought no one would take my sons’ nerf guns or Spider-Man video games, but I still checked.  Fortunately, all his toys remained in their original place.  All in all, I felt excited and eager to be an Airbnb host again.

My Overall Thoughts 

Being an Airbnb host created an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.  Many guests told me their traveling stories and gave me good reviews.  One review said, “Thank you for the great stay, you made us feel welcome and your home was pleasant.  Also, we really appreciated the cold water made available to us.”  This review made me feel good and overall, my hosting experiences were rewarding and enjoyable.