How I Gave Up Caffeine & You Can Too!

I thought, I’m not like everyone else, I don’t drink coffee. Yes, I tried it, but I didn’t enjoy the taste. I did not like flavored, iced, hot, steamed, or any other coffee. Coffee is life for some and maybe one day I will be a fan, but not today. Instead, my daily caffeine consumption included drinking three or four energy drinks a day. Rockstars, Red Bulls, Monsters, I drank them all. I would grab whatever can the convenient store had in stock. One time, I bought three cases of Red Bull and a case of Rockstar cans from Amazon, only once, I swear.

Caffeine comes in many forms and whether it was tea, an energy drink, or a straight shot of espresso, I liked it. Sometimes, I would go wild and drink a double amount. I thought, two shots of espresso, score! Then, a couple hours later go back for more. What did this feel like? Like a caffeine god was delivering me a much-needed boost. But, what I left out is the crash and after effects. To avoid a caffeine crash and calm my anxiety, I distracted myself with games or projects which required more caffeine to keep up. Looking back, I was in a revolving door filled with caffeine. Kind of weird to imagine.

Today is the day I will stop drinking caffeine, I said to myself. Then I thought, is this where the “cold turkey” saying comes into play? If so, then I went cold turkey. At least, I think this is ok to say.

Day 1

Woke up. No caffeine. My mind and body was mad, why are you doing this? Caffeine was like legs to walking for me. Needless to say, the morning was rough, I was tired and feeling like someone stuck in a slow-motion Snapchat filter. But, I pushed through and drank a Naked juice instead. Anything that says Naked is a good idea, you cannot tell me any different. The juice seemed to help with energy, but I still felt tired. Soon enough I went to bed and was looking forward to the next day.

Day 2

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The alarm went off and I was not ready to get up. I pushed the snooze button about three times. Ok, ok, I am up, I said to myself. My son and I then got ready for our day. We walked to the bus stop, he jumped on his yellow school bus and I went on the Port Authority bus to work. During the bus ride to work, I felt myself drifting to sleep.Similar to the day before, I found a Green Machine Naked juice and drank it. My energy level from the juice was different, I did not feel anxious or agitated by the smallest things, but instead felt revitalized and ready for the day. Day two was a success.

Day 3

My plan was to wake up early and workout prior to leaving for the bus stop and work. Instead, my body could not deal with the lack of caffeine so I did not start my day off as planned. After all, only three days have passed without the consumption of caffeine. I figured this would take a few more days to get used to. On another note, I did not fall asleep on the bus as usual, but my mind wondered off a couple times at work. Luckily, my charm made up for my attention span that day.

Day 4

 Did I really get to day four without caffeine? YES, and I was proud of myself! But, what was happening left me at shock. I was not dragging or crashing throughout the day, my stomach did not feel bloated, and I could think more clearly. So far, it took four days to get out of the caffeine trap.

Day 5

Why is it that when you are trying to stop something, America pushes it at you? Everywhere I went my favorite caffeine filled drinks were on sale and to top it off, my co-workers invited me to a new coffee place after work. Although I do not drink coffee, I would have most definitely joined my co-workers and grabbed some espressos or something to fulfill my energy need prior to this week. Well, I went and I enjoyed myself without having to live off caffeine.

Day 6

We are on day six! I mean, six days went by without consuming a single drop of caffeine! To my surprise, my mood was better this week than ever before and I was not falling asleep or drifting off throughout the day. What a game changer! Only one more left, did I make it?

Day 7

Woohoo, I made it and you could too! I thought this challenge would be more complicated than it was. I’ll admit, I cheated a little bit, I replaced caffeine with natural juices and vitamins. As you can see, giving up caffeine helped me relax in a positive way. Overall, this was a great experiment which helped me realize I was better off without caffeine.

Tell me about your caffeine habits and what works for you?…