Swearing and a Kids Life

What did you just say?  Be honest, do you or your kids swear?   

When I was a small kid, my mom and dad did not approve of swearing, but every now and then I would say something under my breathe. I still don’t think they ever found out, shhhh.  

“How do people, like, not curse?  How is it possible?  There are gaps in speech were you just have to put a ‘f*ck”, wrote Nick Hornby in A Long Way Down.   

Do you catch yourself saying sh*t or f*ck?  I do when I am not even thinking about it.  The first time my son swore it was of pure innocence.  He said, SHIT when he couldn’t tie his shoe. The one bunny ear would not go inside the other bunny ear or something like that.  I’ll admit, it was slightly funny until he said it at school and well, it made me think of what happened to Matilda?  Jk.  There aren’t scary chairs at kids’ schools anymore.  Now, he sais, language and gets a quarter every time I accidentally swear.

This made me think of lyrics to a popular song where one of the words could be played around with and may sound like a curse word.  

Before we leave

Lemme tell y’all a lil’ something

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

I said Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk By Bruno Mars

Last night, I was shuffling through paperwork and said, f*ck by accident, again.  My son overheard me and said, MOM!  I knew I was in trouble so I went ahead and paid my dues plus went to time out!

What did you just say?  Tell me, do you or your kids ever swear?

Photo by Joseph Crachiola


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