Seriously Though, Why Don’t You Workout?

Get Real

For real though, why don’t you work out?  We all strive to be in shape, healthy, AND eat whole pizzas or five chocolate chip cookies at once.  Now you have me thinking of these sweet, freshly baked, oh so soft cookies with melted chocolate morsels inside!   Don’t you want to shove all five in your mouth right now?   I kind of do, but guess what, I am not going to.  Now what? 

Self Battles

First of all, there is a thing known as self-battles.  For some, it is deciding what to wear in the morning.  If you are Mark Zuckerberg you probably don’t have this problem on a daily basis because he has a thousand identical shirts.  Or maybe we can’t decide on how to get our nails done or what birthday gift to buy.  Ok, gift cards work for most people, but still, which gift card do you purchase??  These are all decisions we contemplate on making.  The big question still remains, why don’t you work out as much as you want?  Why can’t we challenge ourselves and make it happen?

Obstacles and Barriers

Yea, there are obstacles and barriers.  I mean, I cannot count how many times my son has left Legos and Superheros on the floor in the middle of a walkway.  Btw, I am saying this was a barrier to where I was going.  Guess what happened, I picked them up and continued on my way.  Yes, he was sentenced to a five-minute timeout when I saw him, after school, that is.  What are your restrictions and barriers?  Time, what about time?  Everyone has the same 24 hours in one day or is this a bologna statement?  Who even likes bologna?  Not me.  

Create Opportunities

Alright, alright, this is the part where I tell you about creating an opportunity out of nothing.  Did you ever hear, when you want something bad enough, you’ll get it?  Well, I am not saying that because I want to win a million dollars and save all the lost puppies in the world, but let’s be real.  My fantasy wishes may not come true and unfortunately, all the puppies in the world will not be saved.  Sad thought.  However, everyone can be healthy and stay accomplishing healthy goals.

Make it Happen

Enough of the pep talk, I will teach you my ways.  Let’s use time as an example.  Typically, people work 9-5, come home, make dinner, relax a little or take care of little ones, then head to bed.  Of course, people work different hours and hold different responsibilities.  The good thing is these tips are useful to everyone in every situation. 

Here is how you will make time for little exercises throughout the day.  You will take the time you are already working with and turn it around.  These are beginner steps, nothing huge!  Think about the things you are doing already, this is in no particular order, watching the news, showering, drying your hair, daydreaming.  I’ll admit I do quite a bit of daydreaming.  Getting your kids ready for school, cooking dinner, washing clothes, drying the clothes, and whatever else you do, the list could go on.  Remember, this is beginner stuff.   Just analyze your daily routine and how you can squeeze five or ten minutes more into each task or do more than one thing at the same time.

How many commercials do you see while watching the news?  My favorite commercial is the Schick Xtreme 3 Commercial from 2015, where the guy shaves his head right before an interview, the one you have probably seen at least one hundred times.  What are you doing during commercials?  Want an idea?  Grab some dumb bells and start working those muscles during commercial breaks.  Don’t have dumb bells, go to the cupboard and take a couple things of canned goods or water jugs, they all work the same.  Here’s another tip, while you are standing there drying your hair, march or walk in place, get those feet moving!  While you’re in the laundry room, take five minutes out and do some lunges, squats, or jumping jacks, these are all great exercises.   What about creating some workout time while you are waiting on your dish to heat up in the microwave or the stove to pre-heat, walk in place for a few minutes or seconds, every move counts.  Believe me, you can do these easy tasks, I know you can!  Don’t feel silly doing burpees in front of the microwave, you are improving your health and your body will thank you!

You are already about the workout, gym life and want tips on making healthy eating choices or creating healthy habits?  I got you!  Start small or medium, which ever you prefer.  There is no such thing as go big or go home in this story.  Small tasks include making a switch, once a day.  Instead of grabbing a soft drink, go for a water.  I know you really want a second donut when you see a box just sitting there.  Believe me, we all want at least two sprinkled donuts per day, but save some for others and only treat yourself to one.  Limitations are key.  I am not a person to bet except when I make friendly bets with my son on who can run to the car faster or jump higher.  Create healthy challenges with your friends and family, they will all love you for it.  What about changing your routine?  Do you always drive to work or the market?  If you can, try walking the entire way and if that is not an option, park further from your destination and partially walk or bike there. 

Emotional Feels

Are you a ball of anxiety who covers up emotions with food?  I totally get you and am here to help!  Stressed from work, a partner, friend, child, pet lizard, or something else and think ice cream and fudge brownies will help?  You guessed it, these treats are a distraction to the emotions you are facing.  Besides, you better share those fudge brownies with me!  I know you’ve heard it a gazillion times, but working out can and will heighten your serotonin levels, leaving you feeling happier and less stressed.  A little personal, but I used to be on high doses of anxiety and depression meds.  Now, I work out during these times of high stress and anxiety.  Yes, there are times when I cannot make it to the gym, but I bust out some exercises at home or wherever I am at and have no need for medication anymore.  I am not a doctor so don’t stop following your doctors’ orders.  However, there are alternate and healthy ways to redirect your energy, positive or negative and get the most out of life.

Just Do It

Overall, there are many ways to treat your body right and improve your health.  Take simple steps and you will get there.  Yes, you might see me marching while I dry my hair or jump roping while waiting on my son to get off the bus.  But, hey, this is me making an effort and you can too!  Give me twenty pushups right now.  Kind of kidding, but seriously do it.  Stop letting excuses stop you from accomplishing your goals.  Do not cheat yourself, I know you (the one reading this) can make it happen!  So do it, now!


Thanks for reading.  What are some exercises you do throughout the day? 







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