How to Love Your First Regretful Tattoo Now


My first tattoo

My first tattoo was done out of a basement when I was 17 years of age.  Where were my parents, you ask?  Well, I lived with my grandma at the time and she was always playing cards with her friends. You see, I had some freedom at this age. In fact, maybe a little too much.  

About 10 years ago, (or longer) I wanted my first tattoo because my older friends had tattoos on their body.  Plus, getting a tattoo looked fun.  Little did I understand, this ink was never coming off and I would learn to love my both of my playboy bunny tattoos.  Yes, go ahead and laugh!  

What does my first tattoo look like?  Here you go, check it out.

What about today

Now, being a mother, community member, and business professional I smile when others ask about the art displayed on my shoulder and back.  Most of all, these tattoos represent more than art.  Both bunnies bring me back to a daring experience I was proud of.

My first tattoo was a little skeptical, I am almost positive the guy never asked me my age.  But to my younger self, this was dope.  Of course, I am not advocating underage tattoos.  The process began when I told him my tattoo idea.  As a preview, he drew the perfect playboy bunny logo and spelled out my name in cursive on a piece of paper.  Then he transferred the drawing to my skin and filled his tattoo gun with ink.  Finally, the playboy bunny and Christina masterpiece was complete.  On a side note, if you ever forget my name, it can be seen on my upper arm.  Must I add, the spelling is correct.

How to love your regretful tattoo now

Why do I love these tattoos?  I admire my younger self for being brave and daring.  I wanted something and went after it.  The first move is a big step, they say.  Did they say anything about getting a tattoo?  I think so.

The memory and what a memory remains.  I can still remember being excited about the idea and even more excited when the tattoo was complete.  Some of my friends were hyped about my choice and some were not.  My parents did not take this well, but they got over it.  After this incident, I became more open with my parents and gramma because they accepted my choice  Of course, knowing they could not erase these bunnies.

This opportunity has allowed me to love who I am and what I represent.  If I never got two bunny tattoos I would not be who I am today.  Overall, I have respect for those trying new things such as adding art to your skin and mad respect for artists assisting people with their dreams.  


What do some of your younger year tattoos look like?  Do you regret them?  How do you admire this art?


Love always, 




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