How I Gave Up Caffeine & You Can Too!

I thought, I’m not like everyone else, I don’t drink coffee. Yes, I tried it, but I didn’t enjoy the taste. I did not like flavored, iced, hot, steamed, or any other coffee. Coffee is life for some and maybe one day I will be a fan, but not today. Instead, my daily caffeine consumption included drinking three or four energy drinks a day. Rockstars, Red Bulls, Monsters, I drank them all. I would grab whatever can the convenient store had in stock. One time, I bought three cases of Red Bull and a case of Rockstar cans from Amazon, only once, I swear.

Caffeine comes in many forms and whether it was tea, an energy drink, or a straight shot of espresso, I liked it. Sometimes, I would go wild and drink a double amount. I thought, two shots of espresso, score! Then, a couple hours later go back for more. What did this feel like? Like a caffeine god was delivering me a much-needed boost. But, what I left out is the crash and after effects. To avoid a caffeine crash and calm my anxiety, I distracted myself with games or projects which required more caffeine to keep up. Looking back, I was in a revolving door filled with caffeine. Kind of weird to imagine.

Today is the day I will stop drinking caffeine, I said to myself. Then I thought, is this where the “cold turkey” saying comes into play? If so, then I went cold turkey. At least, I think this is ok to say.

Day 1

Woke up. No caffeine. My mind and body was mad, why are you doing this? Caffeine was like legs to walking for me. Needless to say, the morning was rough, I was tired and feeling like someone stuck in a slow-motion Snapchat filter. But, I pushed through and drank a Naked juice instead. Anything that says Naked is a good idea, you cannot tell me any different. The juice seemed to help with energy, but I still felt tired. Soon enough I went to bed and was looking forward to the next day.

Day 2

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The alarm went off and I was not ready to get up. I pushed the snooze button about three times. Ok, ok, I am up, I said to myself. My son and I then got ready for our day. We walked to the bus stop, he jumped on his yellow school bus and I went on the Port Authority bus to work. During the bus ride to work, I felt myself drifting to sleep.Similar to the day before, I found a Green Machine Naked juice and drank it. My energy level from the juice was different, I did not feel anxious or agitated by the smallest things, but instead felt revitalized and ready for the day. Day two was a success.

Day 3

My plan was to wake up early and workout prior to leaving for the bus stop and work. Instead, my body could not deal with the lack of caffeine so I did not start my day off as planned. After all, only three days have passed without the consumption of caffeine. I figured this would take a few more days to get used to. On another note, I did not fall asleep on the bus as usual, but my mind wondered off a couple times at work. Luckily, my charm made up for my attention span that day.

Day 4

 Did I really get to day four without caffeine? YES, and I was proud of myself! But, what was happening left me at shock. I was not dragging or crashing throughout the day, my stomach did not feel bloated, and I could think more clearly. So far, it took four days to get out of the caffeine trap.

Day 5

Why is it that when you are trying to stop something, America pushes it at you? Everywhere I went my favorite caffeine filled drinks were on sale and to top it off, my co-workers invited me to a new coffee place after work. Although I do not drink coffee, I would have most definitely joined my co-workers and grabbed some espressos or something to fulfill my energy need prior to this week. Well, I went and I enjoyed myself without having to live off caffeine.

Day 6

We are on day six! I mean, six days went by without consuming a single drop of caffeine! To my surprise, my mood was better this week than ever before and I was not falling asleep or drifting off throughout the day. What a game changer! Only one more left, did I make it?

Day 7

Woohoo, I made it and you could too! I thought this challenge would be more complicated than it was. I’ll admit, I cheated a little bit, I replaced caffeine with natural juices and vitamins. As you can see, giving up caffeine helped me relax in a positive way. Overall, this was a great experiment which helped me realize I was better off without caffeine.

Tell me about your caffeine habits and what works for you?…

How to Love Your First Regretful Tattoo Now


My first tattoo

My first tattoo was done out of a basement when I was 17 years of age.  Where were my parents, you ask?  Well, I lived with my grandma at the time and she was always playing cards with her friends. You see, I had some freedom at this age. In fact, maybe a little too much.  

About 10 years ago, (or longer) I wanted my first tattoo because my older friends had tattoos on their body.  Plus, getting a tattoo looked fun.  Little did I understand, this ink was never coming off and I would learn to love my both of my playboy bunny tattoos.  Yes, go ahead and laugh!  

What does my first tattoo look like?  Here you go, check it out.

What about today

Now, being a mother, community member, and business professional I smile when others ask about the art displayed on my shoulder and back.  Most of all, these tattoos represent more than art.  Both bunnies bring me back to a daring experience I was proud of.

My first tattoo was a little skeptical, I am almost positive the guy never asked me my age.  But to my younger self, this was dope.  Of course, I am not advocating underage tattoos.  The process began when I told him my tattoo idea.  As a preview, he drew the perfect playboy bunny logo and spelled out my name in cursive on a piece of paper.  Then he transferred the drawing to my skin and filled his tattoo gun with ink.  Finally, the playboy bunny and Christina masterpiece was complete.  On a side note, if you ever forget my name, it can be seen on my upper arm.  Must I add, the spelling is correct.

How to love your regretful tattoo now

Why do I love these tattoos?  I admire my younger self for being brave and daring.  I wanted something and went after it.  The first move is a big step, they say.  Did they say anything about getting a tattoo?  I think so.

The memory and what a memory remains.  I can still remember being excited about the idea and even more excited when the tattoo was complete.  Some of my friends were hyped about my choice and some were not.  My parents did not take this well, but they got over it.  After this incident, I became more open with my parents and gramma because they accepted my choice  Of course, knowing they could not erase these bunnies.

This opportunity has allowed me to love who I am and what I represent.  If I never got two bunny tattoos I would not be who I am today.  Overall, I have respect for those trying new things such as adding art to your skin and mad respect for artists assisting people with their dreams.  


What do some of your younger year tattoos look like?  Do you regret them?  How do you admire this art?


Love always, 




The 5 Second Rule is Life Changing

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What is the 5 Second Rule?  

You drop something on the floor and still eat it within 5 seconds of hitting the ground?  Of course, I trust your decision and believe me I would eat that chocolate chip cookie too!  Similar to a missile, our minds have 5 seconds to “blast off.”  Strangely enough, this specific rule makes reference to Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule.  

The first time I heard this rule I was hooked and listened to Mel’s entire Ted Talk. However, if you know me, concentrating while someone talks for over an hour is not an easy task.  Furthermore, I sometimes catch myself daydreaming while doing something important like tying my shoes, thank god velcro shoes are trending?  Currently, they are trendy, right?.  Now, let’s get back on track.

How the 5 Second Rule has impacted my life in a positive way.  

To start, about three months ago I gained the opportunity to find my true calling and suitable career.  In my case, I became happy, sad, motivated, and depressed, all at the same time.  Ultimately, I was not sure how to launch new life goals and set off personal missiles.  

The power behind the theory?

 “Here’s the one-liner definition of the 5 Second Rule: If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea” (   On the same token, this rule showed me how to get a jump start on my personal goals,  For example, waking up early, cooking breakfast for my son, Carter, working out, networking, and career searching.  Ironically, as humans, we may all delay our actions when we don’t feel like doing something.

Reach any goal!

Most importantly, we can reach any goal with this rule.  In addition, we can break bad habits and enable positive habits to breakthrough.  First, by counting down, 5-4-3-2-1 then by making moves towards our goals.  In fact, everyone has a 5 second window to act on an urge or idea.  Otherwise, our brain kills it.  Above all, we can accomplish anything we act on within 5 seconds!  

Here are a few links to additional Mel Robbins videos worth watching.  In my opinion, these websites are life changing!


Tell me what you think.  At any rate, how can this rule help you?  Please comment below.  


Love Always,