Swearing and a Kids Life

What did you just say?  Be honest, do you or your kids swear?   

When I was a small kid, my mom and dad did not approve of swearing, but every now and then I would say something under my breathe. I still don’t think they ever found out, shhhh.  

“How do people, like, not curse?  How is it possible?  There are gaps in speech were you just have to put a ‘f*ck”, wrote Nick Hornby in A Long Way Down.   

Do you catch yourself saying sh*t or f*ck?  I do when I am not even thinking about it.  The first time my son swore it was of pure innocence.  He said, SHIT when he couldn’t tie his shoe. The one bunny ear would not go inside the other bunny ear or something like that.  I’ll admit, it was slightly funny until he said it at school and well, it made me think of what happened to Matilda?  Jk.  There aren’t scary chairs at kids’ schools anymore.  Now, he sais, language and gets a quarter every time I accidentally swear.

This made me think of lyrics to a popular song where one of the words could be played around with and may sound like a curse word.  

Before we leave

Lemme tell y’all a lil’ something

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

I said Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up

Uptown Funk By Bruno Mars

Last night, I was shuffling through paperwork and said, f*ck by accident, again.  My son overheard me and said, MOM!  I knew I was in trouble so I went ahead and paid my dues plus went to time out!

What did you just say?  Tell me, do you or your kids ever swear?

Photo by Joseph Crachiola


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5 Life Hacks to Save Time During the Week

One word, busy.  This word has so many meanings for all of us, working, taking care of kids, and maybe kickboxing during the week.  We could all use more time so why not knock out the excuses and take advantage of the time we do have?

5 Life Hacks

Starting with Sunday, here are 5 life hacks to save time during the week.  

1.Prepare Meals

I know you hear this over and over again, but there is a reason for it.  Remember when we were kids and had a lunch menu?  Maybe not, but anyway, I have my sons’ lunch menu displayed on the fridge right now.  You get what I am saying?  Make a lunch menu for yourself!  Grocery shop on Sunday and create a weekly meal plan, you will thank yourself and maybe even me, if I am lucky.  Hint: Buy in bulk if you are cooking for a family or are a fan of eating leftovers.  My favorite foods are chicken, chicken, and chicken with some veggies and a little dash of seasonings.  

  1. Fuel Up

Stop procrastinating and start pumping.  Go to the gas station on Sunday and fill your gas tank to the f line, referring to full.  By filling up your car with fuel, you will save time from making multiple gas station stops during the week.  Bonus!  If you grocery shop at a store like Giant Eagle or Shop N Save, who offers fuel perks, you will save time and money!  Hooray!

P.S. If you don’t have a vehicle (I know the feeling) then buy a public bus pass ahead of time.  You don’t want to be THAT person, digging out change to pay the bus fare while people are waiting.


  1. Laundry

Who likes dirty laundry?  No one!  I hate thinking about smelly socks and dirty underwear.  Life hack #3, wash clothes on Sunday and free up more time during the week.  I mostly use detergent with added baking soda because it removes stains from fabric.  You got me, I am a messy eater and was referring to my clothes, not my sons’.

 Try this detergent to get the cleanest clothes!


  1. Play dress up

Not really though.  What I mean is plan your outfits for the week.  You can hang or fold your Monday through Friday outfits in order.  Ok, this might be more challenging for us ladies, but try it.  If I could make it happen so can everyone else.  This is where labeling or color-coded hangers come into play.


  1. Keep a planner

Can you say, lifesaver?  I am sure you readers out there have a busy life especially if you add kids, employer’s, employees, friends, co-workers, significant others, and families to the mix.  Phew, did I miss anything?  Get a pen in your hand and PLAN.  Write down everything, from scheduled appointments to phone calls to everything in between.  

My favorite planner:

These are my 5 life hacks, but remember, do what works for you!   Do you enjoy planning and preparing for the week or are you more of a go with the flow type of person?  How do you get SH** done?  What is your biggest motivator?  I would love to hear from you!


10 Simple Non- Dairy Breakfast Ideas

Here are 10 simple breakfast ideas for those who are not a morning person.

Image Credit National Public Radio

1. PB&J

A classic comfort food. Whether you toast the bread, microwave it, or leave it cold, this sandwich is never a letdown. My go-to is natural creamy peanut butter and natural strawberry preserves. I spoon a small amount of strawberry goodness on one piece of bread, spread peanut butter on the other piece and press them together! Boom, a deluxe PB&J breakfast!

PB&J for Success

2. Frozen Waffles

My favorite is whole grain waffles They are a time crunchers favorite. Just grab two or three frozen waffles out of the freezer and place them in the toaster. Within minutes you will have a ready to eat breakfast. Jam and syrup is optional.

Image Credit Care2.com

3. Instant Oatmeal with an Apple

Nothing is more filling than warm oatmeal! To make it even better, add apple pieces. You can chop up any apple, red delicious and granny smiths are my top choices. Heat up the oatmeal and then add the apple or heat them up together for the ultimate breakfast meal.

Instant Oatmeal is Life

Image Credit Forkknifeswoon.com

4. Fruit Salad

Start your day off right with a bowl or fruit. Add bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi together then enjoy a delightful morning meal.

Get Fruity

Image Credit ThomasBreads.com

5. Banana and PB English Muffin

Sounds odd, but tastes delicious. Spread peanut butter on one muffin slice then add bananas on top of the peanut butter. Then top it off with the other muffin slice.

Peanut Butter and Banana Time!

Image Credit Simplyrecipes.com

6. Boiled Eggs

Eggs are filled with protein, enough to fill your morning up with energy. Try boiling eggs the night before or in the morning and eat two (or however many you want) of them before you leave the house.

Egg My Taste Buds

7. Canadian Bacon (ham) Sandwich

Let’s call it ham, ok! Pop some ham on toast and breakfast is ready!

Image Credit Foodtalk.org

8. Fruit Smoothie

This is my all-time favorite. Blend together your choice of fruits or vegetables (I like fruits more, hands down) strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwis, apples, mangos, and oranges. Pour into a cup and drink with a fancy straw or no straw.

Smoothie for Everyone

Image Credit Seriousseats.com

9. Dry Cereal

Who says cereal has to have milk in. I love eating dry granola or dry cereal from a baggie or a bowl by itself. If you have not already tried it, you should.

Cereal, cereal, and more cereal!

Image Credit Popsugar.com

10. Avocado and Egg Dish

Packed with protein and deliciousness, this mix will have you coming back for more.

Love it? Try it!

What are your favorite simple breakfast ideas?

Fall Bucket List, Things You Must Try This Year

Things you must try this year!

Image from Huffington Post

Wear Matching Halloween Costumes

Want to make trick or treating more fun?  Dress up as a duo with someone else, even a child and parent can take part. This year, seek costumes for two people, the possibilities are endless.  


Bake a Pie

Homemade pies are the best.  Bake a pie in your own oven this fall, try apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie.  This delicious treat will leave your home smelling wonderful and your taste buds begging for more.

Send Thankful Notes

Show thanks to those who mean something to you.  Write a note and send it to your friends and family members’ addresses. Everyone knows getting a handwritten note is still one of the best feelings in the world.  

Have a Fall Photo Shoot

Add a personal touch to fall photos.  You can set up a backdrop with pumpkins, hay, and other fun fall decors.  Then, get your family and friends together for a fun photo shoot.

Make and Eat Caramel Apples

Apples taste better with caramel, every time.  Pick apples then dip them into a caramel topping, your life will change.


Fall into Fashion

I hate dressing in layers, said no one ever.  Be a fashion icon and steal the fall carpet with the latest sweaters, scarves, and jackets.  These warm and cozy clothes will have you looking and feeling like a star.

Drink Pumpkin Everything

Fall in love with pumpkins over and over again.  This fall indulge in a few pumpkin spice lattes, smoothies, and hot ciders.  If you want to add spice to the mix, sip on a pumpkin cocktail, beers, and harvest wine.

Go on a Hayride

Sit your butt down on hay and venture around, you will not regret it.  Hayrides are always a fun way to venture around town and see nature at dusk.

Watch Football Game

Fall scream football.  Root for your favorite team by watching it live at the stadium or hang out and watch it on tv.  Show even more support and paint your face the colors of the team.  You will love taking part in this all American sport, even as a fan.

Go to a Fair

Cotton candy, elephant ears, and funnel cakes do I have to say more?  Reward yourself with fair food and games.  You know you want to win the biggest stuffed animal and why better time than fall?  By the way, who has ever won one of these animals because I am desperate to learn your tricks!

Haunted House

Go ahead and act like a girl, freak out, and freak out more, it is ok.  Haunted houses are fun and scary at the same time.  My biggest fear is the chainsaws at the end, they make me run to the car faster than I ever ran a race.  What is your favorite and scariest part?

Play in the Leaves

As soon as the colorful leaves start to fall, they call for piles and piles of fun.  Step 1, Get a rake out and make a huge pile.  Step 2, grab a friend, kid, or date and jump in!  Step 3, repeat.  Do this over and over again for an ultimate good time.

Watch a Scary Movie

Lastly on my fall bucket list, get some snuggles in.  Find a scary movie and set a date for movie time.  My favorites are It which just came out and the scariest of comedies, Scream.  Of course, any scary movie will be fit for this event.

What are some of your favorite fall bucket list activities?  Share your list items with us!


Water Play in Pittsburgh, Come Make a Splash!

Summer is not over in Pittsburgh! There is still lots of time for water play in Pittsburgh, come make a splash!  For instance, you can splash in a pool, spray park, water park, or enjoy other water related activities. Furthermore, if you visit http://pittsburghpa.gov/citiparks/swimming-home you will find information on local pool and spray park locations, fees, rules, programs, lessons, and more. In this blog, I will certainly share my advice on how to prepare for water play days with a toddler in Pittsburgh.

Ultimately, what is more fun than playing with water? Nothing comes to my mind. If you are a parent like myself, you most likely enjoy kid friendly environments. For the most part, a place where you can bring lots of pool essentials including swimwear, sunscreen, life jackets or other flotation devices, water toys, towels, snacks, drinks, and a smile. On the other hand, if you can only remember one thing, a Speedo is most important. Secondly, a squirt gun! I live for squirt gun fights!  Lets get started on water play in Pittsburgh!

How to Prepare for a Fun Pool Day

After packing, my son and I are ready for wild water extravaganzas. A few of our favorite spots for water play in Pittsburgh include the Dormont Pool, Beechview Spray Park, North Shore water steps, and Sandcastle. Of course, I know you are now thinking of the lazy river and wave pool! Looks like this is why we are friends.

Dormont Pool Play

(Image from http://friendsofdormontpool.org/pool.html)

This summer my crazy kid and I mostly hung out at the Dormont pool. The Dormont pool has a nice water slide, made for adults and kids! Obviously, this slide is cool if your kid enjoys being under water. Nevertheless, my son hates playing Scuba Steve in the deep waters. On the positive side, he loves the shallow end. This pool is full of options for you, you can soak up the sun, be a beach bum, go sliding, play volleyball, or create your own activities. Most importantly, stay lathered up in sunscreen. As always, information for the Dormont Pool including fees and hours are available online. Feel free to visit their site at http://friendsofdormontpool.org/pool.html.

Water Steps Extravaganza

Next, on my water play in Pittsburgh list in the cool water steps.  Now I am going to share this beautiful water steps experience with you and why these steps are so much fun! Uniquely, these water steps are a playful and interactive spot where a fountain runs over handmade rock steps, located in the North Shore. These steps consist of various degrees of water for kids and adults to enjoy! For example, there are shallow steps especially made for dipping feet and running your fingers through the trickle, deeper areas for sitting, and more areas are available for rock climbing or playing in the flowing water. Here is the best site I could find, http://www.pgh-sea.com/northshoreriverfrontpark.htm. What are you waiting for? Skip ahead and start stepping. Kidding! Keep reading this post.

Sandcastle Vibing

(Image from jeffellismanagement.com)

In addition, can I get a shout out for Sandcastle?!?! Furthermore, who doesn’t love cool waters, thrilling slides, and relaxing lazy rivers? First of all, buy ice cream, it’s a must. Next, go on all the slides your announced too short for. Consequently, I’m talking about myself. Bad thing is my son and I are the same height and he totally feels my pain. In any event, we love playing in the wave pool. In addition, the lazy river is necessary during every visit! The lazy river takes you on a relaxing and comforting journey in an inner tube. Frequently, we have the urge to run like Tasmanian Devil in the lazy river. Similarly, if you like testing lazy river limits, take a run with us. Above all, this place is full of laughter, new friends, and magical summertime vibes.

Spray Park Excitement

(Image from http://pittsburghpa.gov/citiparks/spray-parks)

Furthermore, do you think spray parks are one of Pittsburgh’s greatest invention for parents or what? As a matter of fact, we heart spray parks. Basically, these parks are open spaces filled with giant sprinklers designed to fit any age, even gramma can play. Not to mention, spray parks are located throughout the entire city of Pittsburgh. All in all, spray parks are fun for us because of their convenience, ease of access, and safe play.

In conclusion, everyone still has a chance to enjoy water play in Pittsburgh while it’s still hot! Whether you splash at Sandcastle, Dormont pool, or our favorite spray park, you are set up for fun!

What are you favorite places for water play? Please comment below.

Love always,


Should Kids Watch the Game of Thrones Show?

Image from http://www.moddb.com/mods/game-of-thrones

It is 2017 and America loves the Game of Thrones show.  In fact, I enjoy the artistic plot of Game of Thrones and think every Emmy Award is well deserved.  As a parent, how do we decide which shows our children should or should not watch. For instance, my five-year-old son loves action packed activities.  He enjoys shooting stuff, getting muddy, racing things, and acting tough.  Are these activities rough?   Of course, some might say, yes.  But with parental supervision and guidance, these games are playful and fun. 

This bring us to the big question, is the Game of Thrones show kid friendly?  Here are 5 reasons why I do not think kids should watch the Game of Thrones show.

5 Reasons Why the Game of Thrones Show is Not for Kids

1. Bad Guy vs. Good Guy

In every child’s book, movie or cartoon, the good guys win.  Spider-man, Batman, and Chase from Paw Patrol are made heroes.  However, in Game of Thrones, we see good guys do not always win.  In conclusion, we cannot expect younger kids to understand men and women are both, good and evil.

2. Love is Not Forever

Young children grow up believing in loving fairy-tales.  They understand Beauty and the Beast’s magical and everlasting relationship.  Plus, kids love America’s favorite inseparable couple, Minnie and Mickey Mouse.  Game of Thrones depicts love with horrible and high costs, often ending in bloodshed.  In Game of Thrones relationships like Jon Snow’s and Ygrittes end in disaster.

3. SEX!

Were we taught Game of Thrones sex acts in sex education?  I missed a couple of classes, but who knew I missed the good stuff!  This movie is full of penis chops, a plethora of boobs, and graphical thrusts.  Furthermore, do I want my young one knowing this?  He still thinks storks deliver babies.  Let’s keep it this way

4. Trust

We trust the neighbor Jane from across the street who cooks our family an apple pie every Christmas.  Nonetheless, take trust away and Christmas magic dies too.  Game of Thrones portrays two faced, heart-less and deceiving characters.  For example, Ramsey and Melisandre are involved in viscous interactions.  Similarly, people can be untrustworthy, but do parents protect a child’s innocence.  What are your thoughts?

5. Blood, Blood, Blood

Do you want a cocktail of torture, be-headings, and lots of violence?  Comparatively, these moves aren’t in Pirates of the Caribbean, are they?  Should kids see these real-life situations exist?  On the same token,Game of Thrones actions may not be suitable for a small child.  What age is proper for viewing these actions?

All in all, Game of Thrones is an American fantasy story told within dark themes. Furthermore,this powerful drama involves vivid characters fighting for the only game that matters, the game of thrones.  Finally, everyone in this game fights to win because if you don’t win, you die.

What is your opinion?  Share your comments!

Love Always,