About Me

Hello Mom Parade family!

Where did I come from?

My name is Christina and here’s a glimpse into my life. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  My family consists of two brothers, one sister, a dad, and a mom who is now an angel.  Life was a little rough growing up, we were on every type of government program from housing to food assistance.  Our small family struggled to make ends meet, my dad worked two jobs while my mom battled cancer.  We learned about life real quick.  Although, we struggled as a family, we all knew how to stay positive.

Where am I now?

Immediately after high school I set out to attend college at Slippery Rock University.  In January of 2016, I graduated with my MBA.  Now, I live in Pittsburgh with a five-year old monkey-boy named Carter, an immortal fish called Fish, and a blog. Certainly, you may borrow my fish for pet practice, but please return him within a year.

How did having a child happen?

About five years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, Carter announced his unexpected presence. Finally, after a long nine months, Carter made a public debut into my parade. Ever since, I have been a cash strapped single mom in a happy parade full of water gun battles, Wonder Woman stunts, and flying candy. In fact, I think everyone lives in parade.  No, life is not easy, but these single mom challenges make me stronger.  By single mom I mean raising my child alone with an absent father.  Of course, life has its ups and downs.  However, I will keep swimming like Dory and find my way.  

Who do I admire in life?

Comedians are my go-to because laughter soothes the soul like rock n roll.  Jimmy Fallon is my favorite human being, Chucky Cheese has my heart, and I wish I could be Tina Fey for a day, but who doesn’t?… In other words, these three people consistently make me laugh and smile throughout all life’s events.  I could be stuck on the highway without gas in my car, sleeping on a couch, or figuring out how to pay bills and still find a way to stay positive.  They say laughter is the best medicine and to them I cheers to!

Why am I writing this blog?

This blog is designed to help parents like myself learn through experiences in good humor.  I appreciate all feedback and support.  

Thank you for reading.  Please enjoy and contact me anytime.

Love always,